Preparing for Surgery - Surgical Wait Time in New Brunswick

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Preparing for Surgery

New Brunswick is focusing on ways to improve access to surgery.

Patient Preparation

In order to prepare for your visit with the surgeon, you can print the patient preparation document and complete it prior to your visit.

Pre-Operative Questionnaire

The anaesthesiologists in New Brunswick developed a standardized assessment for patients who will be receiving an anesthetic when they have surgery. The assessment is a questionnaire that the patient and/or their family complete in the surgeon’s office. This information may be used by the surgeon to assist in obtaining your medical history. The completed questionnaire is sent to the pre-operative screening clinic for review. As a patient, you will receive a call from the pre-operative screening clinic to either review your questionnaire on the telephone or for you to come to the pre-operative screening clinic. The nurses in the pre-operative screening clinic will use the information on the questionnaire and the information that they receive from you to determine if you require any diagnostic tests and/or teaching prior to surgery.

Please print the pre-operative questionnaire and complete it to the best of your ability. If there are questions that you do not understand or are unsure of it is ok to leave them blank. Bring this questionnaire with you for your visit to your surgeon's office.

Surgical Prioritization Tool

Standardized surgical assessment tools were developed by surgeons to provide a consistent assessment process across the province. Each of the 12 surgical specialties has a specific assessment tool. Every surgeon completes the assessment tool for every patient that will have surgery. These assessment tools focus on pain intensity, type and frequency of symptoms, effect of the condition on your activities of daily living, and level of expected improvement with surgery.