How to Participate in the Summer Reading Club

Visit your local public library to register for the SRC and participate in fun activities. If you would like to participate, but canít make it to the library, you may register online.

Once you have registered, simply click here to download your logbook and start reading! If you donít have the Acrobat Reader software, ask your parents to install it here.

At the end of the summer, you'll receive a certificate of achievement!

Summer Reading Club 2016 To Participate...

  1. Choose the number of books you would like to read as part of the Summer Reading Club. You can also read magazines, comic books or websites.
  2. Challenge yourself! Choose books, magazines, comic books or websites that are a little harder than what you usually read. You may count what you read by yourself as well as what others read to you.
  3. Try to read for at least 15 minutes each day.
  4. Write the title of each book or the address of each website that you read in your reading logbook.
  5. Your reading logbook will be marked for every 5 books, magazines, comic books or websites you read. Bring it each time you visit the library.
  6. For participating in the Summer Reading Club, you will earn a certificate. You can pick it up at the library!