Who signed the Certificate of Achievement?

Ollie the Moose

Our antlered friend, Ollie, is the most well-read moose in the province, and is a five-time trivia champion because of it. Originally from Moncton, Ollie has travelled through the majority of the province's forests, helping animals along the way avoid highways and introducing them to a love of reading.

Since calf-hood, Ollie has had a mission to visit all 63 public libraries in the province. This mission has helped satisfy a love of history and a deep thirst for adventure. It was in one of these libraries that Ollie the Moose crossed paths with Fez the Fox. Together, they are unstoppable at solving history's greatest mysteries.

Fez the Fox

Clever. Energetic. Quick–witted. These are the attributes of Fez the Fox, a historian who is known the world over as a mystery-solver. When not tracking down leads, Fez is writing mysteries, under a variety of pseudonyms.

As a pup growing up in Fredericton, Fez's curiosity and sense of smell was unmatched (this is saying something when you come from a litter of 10). It is said that Fez can smell a good book from kilometers away.

Fez and Ollie met at one of the public libraries in the northern part of the province when they both reached for the same book about time travel. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Fez and Ollie: our very own dynamic duo.