Fast Facts

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  • If you want to discover dinosaurs, Canada is one of the best countries in which to start your search. Alberta's Dinosaur Provincial Park is the single richest fossil site in the world. Over 500 skeletons of 36 different kinds of dinosaurs have been discovered there!
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    The Stone Age
  • Did you know people in the Stone Age cleaned their teeth? The skeleton of a Paleolithic man found in England showed he cleaned his teeth regularly!
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    The Aztec and Maya
  • Did you know Aztec writing is made up of pictograms? Aztecs told stories using pictures instead of words! The writing has survived in books written on bark known as codices.
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    Ancient Africa
  • Did you know Zimbabwe means "house of stone" in the Shona language? Great Zimbabwe, an ancient city built around raising cattle and trading gold, contained many giant stone structures. The most impressive was the Great Enclosure, which may have been home to the city's royal family.
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    Ancient Egypt
  • The Great Pyramid is a stone computer. If you take the lengths of the sides, and their heights and angles, you can calculate many different things. The Egyptians could use the Great Pyramid to work out the distance the Earth travels around the sun, and the speed of light. The Great Pyramid is also an observatory for watching and recording the movements of the stars, a calendar, and a sundial.
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    Ancient Greece
  • The ancient Greeks invented plays, the camera, the Olympic Games, and even history! There were also doctors and banks in ancient Greece but they were very different from those we have today.
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    The Roman Empire
  • Did you know ancient Romans used to predict the future by feeding chickens? They would feed sacred chickens cake covered in seeds. It's a favourable omen if the chickens eat the cake, but a bad one if they refuse.
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    Norse Mythology and the Vikings
  • The Vikings were great sailors who travelled the seas by longboat. They visited England, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and even North America. In fact, Leif Erikson was the first European to visit North America, which he called Vinland.
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    Medieval Times, Castles and Knights
  • Books in the medieval ages were written on dried sheepskin or dried calfskin. They were individually written using quill and ink, and then decorated with silver or gold. They were rare and valuable, sometimes even chained to their cases in libraries!
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  • Did you know that the familiar black-and-white skull and crossbones flag is called the Jolly Roger? The pirate flag was meant to inspire fear when it was sighted on the horizon. While the Jolly Roger is the most famous, many captains designed their own flags and they were often red.
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