Library Staff

Kenda Clark-Gorey

Kenda Clark-Gorey was appointed Legislative Librarian in July 2006. Kenda received a BA from the University of New Brunswick and a MLIS from the University of Western Ontario. In 1992 Kenda started her professional career as the librarian at the Edmundston campus of the New Brunswick Community College and after several years transferred to the Woodstock campus. In 2004 she made the move to Fredericton after accepting the position of librarian at the Provincial Translation Bureau. As part of her responsibility for overseeing the operation of the Legislative Library, Kenda takes special interest in building the collections of the library, especially the unique New Brunswick Collection.

Jonathan Bowie

  • Library Assistant
  • Section:  Government Publications & Reference Services
  • Email:

Jonathan Bowie is a Library Assistant in the Government Documents section of the Legislative Library. Jonathan has a BA from UNB Fredericton with a major in Multimedia Studies and a minor in English Literature. Jonathan has many years experience in the UNB Library system, having worked in the Education, Government Documents, and EText Center departments. Jonathan has also worked at the Provincial Archives on projects in Conservation and the creation of the New Brunswick Loyalist Land Grant Database.

His duties as a library assistant range from maintaining government publications checklists, to cataloguing new government documents, to tracking and adding to the library’s electronic documents repository. Part of every day for Jonathan is assisting patrons on the reference desk, from tracing acts, to retrieving HANSARD transcripts, and everything in between! Jonathan also has training in basic archival repair and stabilization techniques and is responsible for the maintenance of the Library’s New Brunswick Collection.

“I love the environment of working in a Legislative Library. As somebody with great interest in the media, I find it fascinating not only to see firsthand how the government works, but to see the faces behind the policies every day.”

Kathleen Gaudet

Kathleen Gaudet is the Outreach/Continuing Education Librarian and is head of the reference team at the Legislative Library. Kathleen graduated with a BA from STU and a M.Ed from UNB. A former ESL teacher, her career with the Library began in 1999 in the Government Publications section. While working in that section of the library she learned how to manage and update provincial and federal collections, Statistics Canada reports and international papers. She moved to her current position in 2006. She has been able to combine her love of doing research with her love of education. In addition to her reference work she is responsible for developing tutorials, training sessions and material for elected members, government employees and other specialized groups. She is always looking for new ways to manage the flow of information for the reference team and for directing that information to library patrons. She may be familiar to many civil servants through her Library Update emails.

“As an advocate of life-long learning I see all aspects of my work as an opportunity to help others become library literate!”

Anthony Lovesey

Anthony Lovesey is the Library's Automation Specialist. He currently holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick with a specialization in software systems. While studying for his BCS, Anthony completed a number of co-op internships with the Library; helping to develop the Library's then fledgling information technology strategy. He also gained further IT experience working at the Point Lepreau nuclear generating station, Skillsoft, and the National Research Council. Upon graduating in 2005, Anthony became a permanent addition to the Library staff. As Automation Specialist, Anthony oversees all information technology projects within the Library as well as being responsible for the Library's online presence which includes maintaining its website and Horizon catalogue portal. Anthony has helped to architect and implement the many in-house databases used by library staff and developed custom software solutions to aid library staff in efficiently managing these resources. He continues to investigate emerging technologies and adapt them for use with the Library's growing number of electronic systems.

“Bringing order to information chaos is an idea I believe attracts many to the IT field. Taking a large collection of disparate digital data and discovering that one elegant solution to organize and present it to users in a sensible and manipulable fashion can bring a great sense of satisfaction.”

Kelly Dickinson

Tom Stillwell

Tom Stillwell is the Library Assistant in charge of the Serials Collection, Circulation, the NB Pamphlet Files (a collection of uncatalogued material on NB history and current events), and the Women MLA Database. He also works a daily shift on the Reference Desk.

Tom didn’t seriously think he’d wind up working in a library. He has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies and worked happily in music retail for many years. But aptitude tests suggested that library work was something he would be very good at and happy doing, so it was always in the back of his mind. When the music store he worked at closed, he decided to give it a try. He’s always been a hands-on person and loves doing research, so the on-the-job training he received at the Legislative Library prepared him very well, especially for the Reference Desk. Tom's minor in Women's Studies has been a valuable contribution to library projects such as the Women MLA Database.

“It may sound a bit odd, but I really think my years of retail prepared me for working at the Legislative Library. Both jobs involve digging for information (albeit in different ways), and it’s always very rewarding when a patron walks away happy and satisfied.”

Jean Weissenhorn Delong

Jean Weissenhorn DeLong is a Library Assistant in the technical services section of the Legislative Library. After completing her post secondary education, Jean was employed in the private sector. Subsequently, in the fall of 1987, she began employment with the province in the Department of Finance. In 1988, she joined the Legislative Library as the Administrative Assistant to the Legislative Librarian. Within a few years, she successfully completed the Library Assistant’s Programme at UNB, and the Provincial Civil Service French Competency Courses. Her responsibilities include; cataloguing books, videos, cassettes, and government documents for the various collections of the Library, internal and external correspondences, accounting, inter-library loans, preparing the Selected Accessions list, and formatting the Periodical Contents. Jean enjoys in assisting library patrons to find, often limited publications, out of print editions of rare documents and books.