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This Week in New Brunswick History

This Week in New Brunswick History ! October 25, 1798
An International Boundary Commission, set up under the terms of Jay's Treaty, establishes the St. Croix River as the southwestern border between New Brunswick and the State of Maine.

October 25, 1972
The village of Balmoral is incorporated.

October 26, 1831
Partridges are selling for 50¢ a dozen in Saint John.

October 26, 1861
Sir Arthur Hamilton Gordon, former private secretary to the Prime Minister of England, is appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick. During his administration the question of Confederation with the provinces of Canada is settled.

October 26, 1922
New Brunswick's Game Regulations, regarding the operation of a “jack light”, gain a first conviction. W.F. Blake of Woodstock is fined $100 for hunting deer with a light.

October 26, 1970
Richard Hatfield defeats Liberal Premier Louis Robichaud in the Provincial election.

October 26, 1984
Premier Richard Hatfield is charged with possession of marijuana after the substance is found in an outside pocket of his suitcase at Fredericton Airport. After a sensational trial in 1985, Premier Hatfield is acquitted.

October 27, 1987
Frank McKenna becomes Premier of New Brunswick, having led his liberal party to a full-sweep victory in the October 13 election.

October 28, 1799
François LeBreton dies in Tracadie. One of the original founders of the community, LeBreton came to Tracadie from the Gaspé in the 1780’s.

October 28, 1854
The old "Family Compact" government is finally voted down in New Brunswick and Charles Fisher forms the first government under a party system. Known as the "Smashers", Fisher's party introduces sweeping reforms into New Brunswick's political system.

October 29, 1879
A violent gale and high tides ravage the coast of northeastern New Brunswick. At Shippagan the breakwater and lighthouse are completely wash away.

October 29, 1929
The Wall Street stock market crash marks the official beginning of the Great Depression; however, the Maritime economy has already suffered through almost ten years of depressed conditions and has little further ground to lose.

October 30, 1786
The meeting of Governor Thomas Carleton's Council is held for the first time in Fredericton, but the House of Assembly does not meet in the new capital until July 18, 1788.

October 30, 1827
An earthquake occurs in the Miramichi region.

October 31, 1765
William Davidson and John Cort, founders of the first British settlement on the Miramichi, receive a 100,000 acre township grant that includes large sections of both sides of the Miramichi River.

October 31, 1765
Monckton Township is granted to Alexander McNutt and Associates - land speculators from Pennsylvania, New York, and New England, who are particularly eager in obtaining mineral rights to copper and iron ore.

October 31, 1765
The township of Hillsborough is established.

October 31, 1863
In Bathurst, a fisherman is reported to have caught a cod fish measuring 6 feet in length and weighing 58 llbs (29 kilograms).

October 31, 1885
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, one of New Brunswick’s Fathers of Confederation, is appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick for a second time.

October 31, 1964
Despite predicted problems relating to location and high tides, Louis J. Robichaud breaks ground for a chemical fertilizer plant at Dorchester Cape. Three years and over 10 million dollars later, the chemical park declares bankruptcy.

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