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This Week in New Brunswick History

This Week in New Brunswick History ! April 21, 1866
Fenian raiders,on board the hired schooner "Two Friends" out of Lubec Maine,capture the "Winthrop" near Campobello Island - "in the name of the Irish Republic".Upon arrival of British warships, the raiders sink the "Two Friends" and return to Eastport.

April 21, 1926
Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) is born in London (England), the first child of HRH The Duke and Duchess of York (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth).

April 21, 1927
The New Brunswick Provincial Police Force is established.

April 21, 1933
The Moncton Hawks are greeted at the CN station in Moncton, the first Maritime hockey team to win the Allan Cup, Canadian amateur hockey's highest award. The team repeats as Canadian champions the following year.

April 22, 1786
Sir Guy Carleton is appointed Governor-in-Chief of British North America. His brother, Colonel Thomas Carleton, becomes Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick.

April 22, 1919
In Fredericton, Stephen L. Chauncey Coleman patents the Stabilizing Bar for motor vehicle suspensions. A prolific inventor, Coleman later develops many improvements in automobile technology.

April 23, 2024

April 23, 1890
The rapidly growing railway town of Moncton is re-incorporated as New Brunswick's third city.

April 23, 1890
The town of Grand Falls is incorporated.

April 23, 1892
Moncton's first railway union with international affiliation is established as the Moncton Lodge 226 of the International Association of Machinists.

April 24, 1920
The New Brunswick Electric Power Commission is established by Order-In-Council.

April 24, 1920
The Association of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick is incorporated.

April 25, 1785
In a dispatch to Lord Sydney, Governor Thomas Carleton announces his plan to establish St. Ann's Point (Fredericton) as the future seat of government for New Brunswick.

April 25, 1845
Queen Victoria declares Fredericton a city. Despite a population of only 4,000, ancient ecclesiastic law requires that the center of any new diocese be a city.

April 26, 1850
"The New Brunswick Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Home Manufactures, and Commerce Throughout the Province" is established.

April 26, 1909
Saint John Magistrate Ritchie rules that electricity is indeed a commodity. Charles Kerr of the Bijou Moving Picture Theatre is found guilty of stealing electricity by tapping into the St. John Railway Company.

April 27, 1841
Sir William McBean George Colebrooke is appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, having previously been lieutenant-governor of the Leeward Islands and Antigua.

April 27, 1858
Michael Whelan (the “Poet of the Renous”) is born in Renous to Irish immigrant parents. At the age of 20, he takes up writing and becomes a well known folk poet all along the Miramichi.

April 27, 1884
Ivan C. Rand, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and conceiver of the "Rand Formula" for Unions, is born in Moncton.

April 27, 1895
Lilianne (Allain) Dubocquet is born in Néguac. A member of the Resistance Movement in Paris (France) during WWII, she later receives accolades from the United States and Britain for her work in sheltering escapees during the Nazi occupation.

April 27, 1950
Despite mass protests, Premier John B. McNair imposes a four percent sales tax in New Brunswick to help finance education and social services. Two years later, McNair and his party are defeated at the polls.

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