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This Week in New Brunswick History

This Week in New Brunswick History ! November 28, 1831
Seal Island Lighthouse on Nova Scotia's south coast becomes operational with Richard Hichens as the island's first light keeper. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia jointly built the lighthouse, after Hichens and his wife had established a lifesaving station.

November 29, 1892
Martin Condon dies in Sussex. Although a pauper, who had been "sold" several times at public auction, Mr. Condon had saved $400 to pay for his own tombstone.

November 29, 1910
The New Brunswick Historical Society allows for the acceptance of female members.

November 29, 1923
Premier Peter J. Veniot, in a speech publicizing New Brunswick's attempts to complete the Grand Falls Hydro Power Project, promises to turn around the province's fortunes with this massive project - the "Niagara of New Brunswick".

November 29, 1944
German submarine U-1230, on war patrol in the North Atlantic, lands two German agents at Hancock Point (Maine). Four days later she sinks the Canadian merchant steamer “Cornwallis” in the Gulf of Maine, on route for Saint John.

November 30, 2021

November 30, 1782
A preliminary agreement to end the American Revolution is signed at Paris. Britain recognizes the independence of its thirteen colonies, and in New York preparations are underway to evacuate Loyalist refugees to British North America.

November 30, 1812
Alexander Rankin and James Gilmour arrive on the Miramichi aboard the brig “Mary”, from Glasgow (Scotland). At Gretna Green (Douglastown), they establish the firm of Gilmour, Rankin & Co., becoming one of the largest timber-exporters in the region.

November 30, 1911
Moncton's second street railway service is established and lasts until 1931, when competition from motor bus services puts the tram cars out of business.

December 1, 1922
At midnight, all motor vehicles move to the right side of the road in New Brunswick. Signs in large red letters reading TURN TO THE RIGHT are posted along New Brunswick's streets and highways.

December 1, 1936
The Purple Violet (Viola cucullata) is proclaimed the provincial flower for New Brunswick, by an Order-in-Council.

December 3, 1653
Nicolas Denys is granted rights to the coast and islands of the St. Lawrence, from Cape Canso (Nova Scotia) to Cap des Rosiers (Gaspé). Soon after, he establishes a fishing and trading company to operate within the limits of his grant.

December 3, 1944
While steaming to Saint John from Barbados, the Canadian merchant ship "Cornwallis" is sunk off Maine by the German submarine U-1230. Out of a crew of 48, only five survive.

December 3, 1954
Moncton television station CKCW-TV commences broadcasting. In 1972 the station is purchased by the CHUM Group of Toronto and becomes part of the Atlantic Television System (ATV).

December 4, 1839
Ezekiel Stone Wiggins, the great Canadian seer, astrologist and weather prophet, is born at Grand Lake. In 1883, Wiggins creates widespread fear in North America when he predicts a great storm to strike the planet.

December 4, 1866
The British Government meets with delegates from the Maritimes and Canadas to pledge support for Confederation. In addition to financing the Intercolonial Railway, the “London Resolutions” pledge a 10 year allowance to New Brunswick for lost revenues.

December 4, 1944
Radio station CJEM goes on the air in Edmundston.

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