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This Week in New Brunswick History

This Week in New Brunswick History ! January 24, 1922
The village of Port Elgin is incorporated.

January 24, 1968
The village of Belledune is incorporated.

January 24, 1974
The New Brunswick Supreme Court finds K.C. Irving Ltd. and 3 New Brunswick publishing companies guilty of establishing a monopoly of English-language daily newspapers in the province. The decision is later overturned.

January 25, 1933
Alden Nowlan is born near Windsor (Nova Scotia). With a grade 5 education, Nowlan moves to New Brunswick in 1952, later becoming a nationally respected award winning poet, journalist and playwright.

January 26, 1786
In Saint John, Loyalist citizen, George Handesyde is reprimanded on his knees in the House of Assembly for public criticism of the Assembly.

January 27, 1875
The climax of the Caraquet Riots occurs with the shooting deaths of Louis Mailloux and John Gifford. Denied separate Catholic schools, a number of citizens are seized and arrested for resisting the implementation of New Brunswick's Schools Act.

January 27, 1951
Canada’s Post Office announces that, commencing April 1, home mail deliveries will be reduced to once per day.

January 28, 1764
Nova Scotia Governor, Montague Wilmot recommends that all remaining Acadian refugees be sent to the West Indies.

January 28, 1902
The Honourable Jabez Bunting Snowball, of Chatham, is appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

January 28, 1926
Charles “Champ” Gorman, of Saint John, becomes World Speedskating Champion, after winning the event on Lily Lake in Saint John.

January 29, 1833
In his speech to the House of Assembly, His Excellency Major General Sir Archibald Campbell warns New Brunswick to prepare for the “visitation” of Cholera.

January 30, 1654
Nicolas Denys is appointed Lieutenant-General and Governor of Acadia and the entire Gulf of St. Lawrence region. He lives between St. Peters (Cape Breton) and Nepisiguit (Bathurst) - where he dies in 1688.

January 30, 1865
Samuel Leonard Tilley dissolves the New Brunswick Legislature and prepares to oppose Albert James Smith in the historic pre-Confederation election. Smith wins the election, with an overwhelming majority of anti-Confederation seats.

January 30, 1931
The world’s first Boy Scout Apple Day is organized by Eli Boyaner in Saint John.

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