New Brunswick: Our Stories, Our People. Welcome to our Time Machine! Point and click on a year in the bar below… and travel through New Brunswick’s fascinating history to 1867 : -9,000; -4,000; -1,000; Maliseet Heritage; Mi’kmaq Heritage; Passamaquoddy Heritage; 1524; 1534; 1604; 1606; 1621; 1672; 1691; 1721; 1750; 1755; 1760; 1763; 1783; 1784; 1800; 1812; 1830’s; 1840’s; 1850’s; 1860’s
Then explore the links to learn more about the amazing peoples and stories that make up New Brunswick’s past.This Week in New Brunswick History/ Talking About History ! Virtual Museum of Canada New Brunswick Heritage
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