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Nathalie  Blaquière
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Nathalie Blaquière is an author and documentary filmmaker from Shippagan, New Brunswick. After studying education and law, she travelled and studied in China in the wake of the massive demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.

From Vietnam to Dubai, Indonesia, India, and Tunisia, she was fascinated by the social transformations taking place. From 2000 to 2007, when she was a television reporter for Radio-Canada Moncton, Nathalie took part in support missions for the UN on the radio in the Democratic Republic of the Congo [DRC].

In 2008, she moved to Kigali and specialized in media development in conflict zones. In 2010, she was asked to coordinate humanitarian information in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, following the earthquake. She then joined the UN mission in Rwanda.

She made a series of documentaries on education, women’s issues, the environment, and the culture in the African Great Lakes region. Her documentary Lettre à ma fille on domestic violence in Rwanda and Eastern DRC was shown at the South African International Film Festival, the Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival, and the Festival international du cinema francophone en Acadie.

She is currently back in Acadie with her family.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

My realism-tinged point of view and this tragic-comic vision come from my environment.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

L'intimité by Emma Haché.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

My participation in the Brussels Book Fair in 2015, when I facilitated a round table discussion, and my participation in a debate on the African Great Lakes.

Featured Publication

Boules d'ambiance et kalachnikovs : chronique d'une journaliste au Congo

Je dénoue la moustiquaire et dépose mon téléphone à côté de mon oreiller. Je n'arrive pas à dormir. Me voici sur le point de plonger dans un quotidien bourré d'informations chocs, dans la zone la plus sensible de tout le Congo, à la veille d'élections, avec une épidémie de choléra qui risque de déferler sur la ville. Soixante-douze heures depuis mon départ, j'évolue sur une autre planète et ce monde, que je viens de quitter, semble goutte à goutte prendre fuite par ces trous de balles que je ne cesse de fixer.

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