New Brunswick Author Portal

About the portal

New Brunswick has a broad literary tradition that encompasses many authors. Criteria that has guided the choice of authors includes: to have been a resident of New Brunswick and have published at least one work. At present, scores of authors have been contacted, and over one hundred of them have agreed to participate in the portal. Any eligible New Brunswick authors who have not been included in this first phase of the portal development, for whatever reason, now have the option to complete the participation form on the Join/Update page in order to be included in the portal.

In the portal, each author has a page which contains some or all of the following elements: a brief biography, a list of major literary prizes, a featured publication, an excerpt of their work, an interview in which they talk about the importance of New Brunswick to their work, and their favourite New Brunswick book. Most authors wrote their own biographies and selected their own excerpts; excerpts from the authors work were preserved in their original language. To acknowledge the history of literature in New Brunswick, biographies were also prepared for some deceased authors.

We have developed the author portal to be a dynamic and unique resource for readers and writers, and the portal will continue to grow. We hope that you enjoy it.