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Denise  Paquette
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Born in Montreal, Denise Paquette has lived in New Brunswick since 1974. A graduate in literature from the Université de Moncton, she has been a French professor, a history researcher, and a freelance journalist. The author and illustrator of more than 60 children’s books, her illustrations have been exhibited in a number of art galleries, including Coin des Arts at Concordia University, Galerie 12 at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre in Moncton, the Musée acadien, and the Université de Moncton art gallery. The 13 illustrations for the book Dis 10 dinosaures (Gaétane Pinet, Éditions Bouton d’or Acadie, 2013) are among the works of art acquired by the Association régionale de la communauté francophone de Saint-Jean, New Brunswick (ARCf). She currently works as a text illustrator, a stylistic editor of manuscripts, and an author consultant.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

Acadian history, the culture, the language, the plants and wildlife, my children and their friends have all influenced my books, and there is still so much more to say.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

I am partial to authors who also illustrate their books, who have more than one string to their bow, such as theatre, animated film, or music, and who have a sense of humour. These people have a very personal view of the world around them. They are well-rounded artists. In my opinion, the four Pépère Goguen books by Jean Péronnet are the best examples of children’s literature here in New Brunswick. The attention to detail, the good-naturedness, the innate sense of family, and the joie de vivre make them must-reads. In adult literature, including the poetry collection of Calixte Duguay, Les stigmates du silence, my choices tend towards first-generation Acadian poets: Guy Arsenault, Raymond LeBlanc, Herménégilde Chiasson, Dyane Léger, whose many public readings left an indelible mark on the anti-establishment, protest movement of the 70s and 80s. Their words set the stage for everything that followed. When it comes to novels, Huguette Légaré’s La conversation entre hommes is remarkable for the unique, special way it talks about being a “stranger” to men or among men, as I myself experienced like nowhere else when I came to live in New Brunswick.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career so far was 1998-1999, when I wrote a children’s novel, Gribouillis barbares, published by Bouton d’or Acadie, and produced six books for very young children at the request of Éditions d’Acadie and the Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation. Being able to write and illustrate full time and having the publisher pay me for it was such a treat! And it was a busy time! This work resulted in my being named a finalist for the Prix Éloizes – artist of the year in literature. The awards ceremony, held at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton, was absolutely unforgettable.

Literary Prizes

Nomination -  Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award - 2004 In recognition of: Annie a deux mamans
The Canadian Toy Testing Council Awards - Great Books - 2002 In recognition of: Une journée à la mer
Nomination -  Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award - 2002 In recognition of: Gribouillis barbares
Nomination -  Prix Éloizes of the Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick - 1999
Special mention, Prix France-Acadie - 1990 In recognition of: Une promenade en girafe

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Gribouillis barbares


Madame Privé a crié si fort que je ne serais pas surpris qu'on l'ait entendue de l'autre côté de la Baie de Shédiac. Un cri de 12 kilomètres, c'est puissant ! Toutes, mais absolument toutes ses roches ont été peintes en tire-la-langue de couleur écarlate ! Benoît pouffe de rire.

- Oh que ça clash ! dit tante Emma amusée.

- Quelle horreur ! fait Marie Paris, les yeux écarquillés.

Papa s'anime :

- Moi, je trouve ça plutôt artistique. Y a du mouvement, de la bonne humeur...

- Vous vous moquez de moi ! s'exclame Madame Privé en roulant ses gros yeux.

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