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NB Government Electronic Documents Repository

A browsable archive of New Brunswick government documents. The repository project began in 2005 to capture electronic PDFs of government documents as they were published. On occasion older ones are added as well to the repository.

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New Brunswick Elections Database

A browsable database that allows election results to be searched by year as well as constituency from 1985 - present. Each election indicates the type of election, the reason in the case of a by-election, and complete vote counts in each riding for each candidate. A complete constituency election history can be researched as well.

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MLA Database

An in-house browsable alphabetical database of Members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick. Each entry includes when possible; elected/defeated/retired/resigned dates, riding, positions held in government, biographical information and pictures.

Women MLA Database

A browsable alphabetical database of women who have served as Members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick. Each entry contains biographical information on each MLA including Education, Private and Political Careers, and involvement with Committees.

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List of Premiers

In New Brunswick, the office of "Premier" has never been defined in constitutional terms and its functions and responsibilities have merely evolved by custom rather than design. By simplest definition the "Premier" is the head of the party which forms the government in the province.

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New Arrivals

A virtual bookshelf displaying recently acquired books by the library. Archived bookshelves can also be view by clicking on a year and bookshelf number on the right hand side of the bookcase.

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A subject index of links is available to enable users to quickly link to pages outside of the Legislative Library website. The links include both New Brunswick and other libraries, historical resources, legal services/resources, New Brunswick and Federal Political resources.

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