The New Brunswick Collection

February 24, 2012 | Posted under: Smarten Up

By Jean Weissenhorn Delong - Assistant, Technical Services

The Legislative Library possesses the largest specialized collection of New Brunswick literary works anywhere in the world, and is made up of over 15,000 items.  Containing books, pamphlets, publications and other documents, the New Brunswick Collection focuses on material written about New Brunswick or by New Brunswick authors with emphasis on cultural or historical importance.   For preservation purposes once material is added to this collection it is not available for general circulation, however patrons are welcome to visit the library and peruse items on site. No matter if you are doing research or reading for pleasure, the NB Collection is a permanent part of the library and we encourage everyone to discover it!

Because of the breadth and scope of the collection it is sometimes difficult for rare-book vendors to unearth items we don't already have.  We are lucky that some benefactors have remembered the Legislative Library with their bequeathements and others have donated treasures found hidden away or discovered on their own shelves. Items donated to the New Brunswick Collection are always welcome. Should you or anyone you know have items suitable for this collection you are invited to contact us. We would appreciate seeing any items you may have to share or donate to this prestigious, one of a kind collection!