Wait Time - Surgical Wait Time in New Brunswick

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Wait Time

In New Brunswick, surgical wait time begins when you and your surgeon determine you need surgery and you are ready to receive the surgery. The wait time ends when your surgery is performed.

The wait times on this page provide you with information on how long you might wait for surgery. If you have questions about your wait time, please contact the access management office at the facility where your surgery will be done. If you have concerns about the length of time you have been waiting, please contact your family physician or your surgeon to discuss further options.

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Hip replacement, Province-wide
Involves replacing the femoral head - the "ball" of the thighbone - with an artificial ball. The ball attaches to a stem that fits into the thighbone. An artificial socket is implanted into the pelvic bone to replace the damaged socket.
CommunityHospital5 out of 10 surgeries were completed within...9 out of 10 surgeries were completed within...National benchmark
BathurstChaleur Regional Hospital243 day(s)311 day(s)
BathurstAcadie-Bathurst Ophthalmology Centre  
CampbelltonCampbellton Regional Hospital117 day(s)239 day(s)
EdmundstonEdmundston Regional Hospital90 day(s)233 day(s)
FrederictonDr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital288 day(s)434 day(s)
FrederictonFredericton Surgical Center  
Grand FallsGrand Falls General Hospital  
MiramichiMiramichi Regional Hospital204 day(s)320 day(s)
MiramichiMiramichi Cataract Surgical Center  
MonctonDr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre289 day(s)417 day(s)
MonctonMoncton Hospital241 day(s)432 day(s)
OromoctoOromocto Public Hospital  
SackvilleSackville Memorial Hospital  
Saint JohnSt. Joseph's Hospital284 day(s)385 day(s)
Saint JohnSaint John Regional Hospital139 day(s)389 day(s)
SussexSussex Health Centre  
WatervilleUpper River Valley Hospital273 day(s)347 day(s)
Province-wideAll Facilities228 day(s)405 day(s)

Please note: data from January – March 2020 onwards should be viewed with caution as wait times have been directly impacted due to COVID-19.

Wait times above are for surgeries completed from January 2024 to March 2024. Wait times are calculated from the date that the patient and physician agree to the surgery and the patient is ready to receive it to the date of the completion of surgery and are collected through the Surgical Access Registry. These statistics do not include emergency surgeries. Timeframes during which the patient was not available to have surgery are excluded from the wait time calculations.

The length of time you wait for surgery is affected by a number of reasons including patient, physician, hospital or system factors. For more information visit: Frequently Asked Questions - Surgical Wait Time in New Brunswick (gnb.ca)

*Please note that some specialties, procedures and surgeons may present with longer wait times as specialists work towards completing those waiting the longest.

*For privacy concerns, some data is not shown because of low volumes.

Information in the Surgical Access Registry comes directly from facilities throughout NB. The accuracy of the registry is entirely dependent on the data submitted by the facilities. The Department of Health assumes no liability for the hospital information.

Website data was last updated on April 15, 2024. This website is updated on a quarterly basis; the next update will take place in July 2024.