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Bobby  Raiche
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Bobby Raiche is a young Acadian who was born in Pokemouche in 1990. His childhood in the countryside was both inspiring and difficult. It was through reading and writing that he was able to find his way. Without knowing it, he adopted an author – J.K. Rowling – who became his mentor, as well as a source of inspiration and a model of perseverance.

After each book, the lines of which he delighted in learning by heart, he intensified his efforts to create his own fantasy world. At age 10, he completed his first full manuscript, written in Hilroy notebooks. He would never again put down his pen. With his passion for words, writing became a source of creativity and escape that he could not do without for long!

Next he encountered adult books, from crime novels to psychological thrillers, not to mention the inescapable suspense stories. With heady passion, he discovered characters who were as monstrous as they were compelling. Thus took shape the dramatic plot of the collection Le loup de Fardy’s Land, in which he took pleasure in incorporating mystery, complex investigations, and fantasy in an imposing island setting redolent of the sea and transformed by the light.

As the locals say, do not walk alone on Devil’s Island when it is too dark to distinguish between a dog and a wolf, or you risk being bitten.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

The settings in my novel are greatly inspired by the Acadian Peninsula, where I grew up. Also, the family relationships very much reflect the sense of family that prevails in my village.

Featured Publication

Le loup de Fardy's Land : les liens du sang

Personne ne se souciait plus d'elle, les policiers qui allaient et venaient, examinant la scène du crime, son père et sa mère éplorés qui répondaient aux questions des enquêteurs et ses amis, l'air penaud, qui écoutaient leurs parents les réprimander. Karen était invisible, elle était morte en même temps que son frère, elle restait là, comme l'héroïne vaincue d'un mauvais film, attendant qu'on l'enferme elle aussi dans ce grand étui noir.

Le meurtrier de son frère passa près d'elle, escorté par un policier et une femme à l'allure professionnelle. Il l'observa et lui dit d'un ton détaché :

- Ça fait mal, pas vrai ?

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