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Barb  A.  Parker
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I currently live in Grand Manan, N.B., Canada. I attended high school in McAdam, N.B. I am originally from Fredericton, N.B.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

The people of New Brunswick have been very supportive of my book, which includes sales, invitations to do presentations, book signings.

Government officials were helpful when our family was trying to bring my sister back from the USA to Canada. We tried to have the law changed in regards to the waiting period for Medicare after a move back to the province. I wrote letters, email, faxes and made phone calls. It did not change when my sister was alive BUT it did change four months after her death. It did not help my sister, but it will help others.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

I love to read and I have read many books. Many are favourites. I really enjoyed Dr. Meagher's book, Medicine, Mistakes and the Reptilian Brain. It is a true story and it is so real.

I also love my book, My Sister's Journey From Headache to Heartache because it has touched the lives of many. Many of the reviews which I have received from readers of my book tell me of how they received a renewed appreciation for Life, Love, Faith, Prayer, Family and more after reading Deb's story. My sister's dream was to tell her story to help others. My book is her dream fulfilled and a life changing experience for me.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

I have worked in government, banking, the private sector, and I am currently employed with Scotiabank.

Although writing may not be considered my career, I consider my first book to be a highlight of my life thus far. I have written several poems, lyrics and short stories over the years, but actually having my first book published was an accomplishment I had never really anticipated becoming a reality.

When my manuscript was nearly complete, I researched the process of being published and was shocked at what I learned in regards to query letters and the waiting period, but I did not let it discourage me. I was online doing some inquiries and the first publishing company that came up was Essence and I decided to request an author kit. In my request I had to submit a brief summary of my manuscript. I got a phone call that day. They wanted to read the entire manuscript. My book was accepted for publication within four days-no query letter, no waiting period. I was very blessed.

I have not been nominated for any awards yet. I was featured in the Essence Newsletter in January 2012. I was featured in the Break Forth Conference 2013 magazine.

I have been featured in the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick newsletter. My book was featured in the Courier newspaper in April 2013.

I am happy to say that my first book, My Sister’s Journey From Headache to Heartache has been voted by the readers as a Reader’s Choice 2013 selection in Salon (Telegraph-Journal supplement – December 28, 2013). It has also been recommended by Dr. John M. Meagher, MD of Moncton, to be used as a “case study” by the nursing faculty in colleges and universities. I look forward to this becoming a reality.

I do look forward to having my book nominated some day. Dreams have come true in the past and Dreams continue to come true. I Dream Big.

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