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Artémise  Blanchard
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A native of Saint-Louis-de-Kent, Artémise completed her elementary and high school studies at the Couvent des Soeurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame before heading off to the Normal School in Fredericton, where she obtained her teaching certificate. She later attended the Université de Moncton, where she received her bachelor's degree in teaching, followed by a master's in school administration at the Université de Montréal. After a career in education in New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario, she returned to the Université de Moncton to obtain a master's degree in public administration. Upon retiring from teaching, she worked tirelessly for the group Femmes regroupées pour l'accessibilité au pouvoir politique et économique (FRAPPE), which helps empower women politically and economically. During a session on self-esteem, she discovered that she had a penchant for writing for young readers, which has become her retirement project. Since 2003, she has published six youth novels, one of which has been translated into English.

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Tomar the Siberian tiger

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