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Norah  Wilson
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The 10th of 11 children, I was born in Stanley, New Brunswick. I grew up in North Tay and attended Stanley High School. I started studying the craft of writing in my 30s, and sold my first book - a romantic suspense with paranormal elements - to Dorchester Publishing in 2004, after winning their New Voice in Romance Contest. I have been a finalist three times in the Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart Contest for unpublished writers. I am now published by Montlake Romance, and have self-published a number of other books to good reviews.

I now live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with my husband, two adult children, a Rotti-Lab cross named Chloe and a pretty tuxedo cat aptly named Ruckus.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

Most of my novels, particularly the Serve and Protect series of romantic suspense, are set in Fredericton. For my vampire romances, I even created a fictional New Brunswick city called St. Cloud. I also write young adult paranormal with a writing partner, and we created another fictional town called Mansbridge, New Brunswick. There's something about introducing the paranormal element that makes a fictional location easier. That way, we can create our own legends and history to lay the foundation for the story. Some of my stories are set outside New Brunswick, but the settings are all still primarily Canadian.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

One of my favorite New Brunswick books is Deborah Hale's The Bonny Bride, set here in 1825. Deborah is a very talented writer with NB connections, and all her books are wonderful. But I especially like this one because it's such a rare pleasure to see New Brunswick used as a setting for a historical romance.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

I've won contests and awards, and have enjoyed good critical reviews, but nothing makes my day like having a fan contact me to tell me how touched they were by one of my books.

Literary Prizes

Nomination -  Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award - 2003
New Voice in Romance Contest, Dorchester Publishing, 2003 - 2003
Nomination -  Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award - 2002
Nomination -  Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award - 2001

Featured Publication

Guarding Suzannah

She nodded curtly. Then lets get on with the security inspection, shall we? Im sure you have better things to do.

You got that right, lady, he thought, stung by her cool tone. There are plenty of places I could go where Id be welcome. Plenty of places.

Instead of letting his irritation show, he smiled lazily. Its best not to rush these things. He dropped his voice an octave. No telling what a man could miss out on if he goes too fast.

For the briefest of seconds, something in her answered his blatant sexual innuendo, a flash of naked heat in those pale blue eyes. She smothered it quickly, but not quickly enough to stop the jolt of adrenaline that ripped through him, leaving his heart pounding.

By all means, Columbo. Take your time.

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