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Rebecca  Michelle  Cuevas De Caissie
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Award Winning poet, Rebecca Cuevas De Caissie, A.K.A. "Loves Assassin", was born and raised in sultry South Florida. Her multi-cultural heritage and upbringing make this poet a true romantic at heart. She now makes her home in Atlantic Canada, a small house by the ocean, in a small close community where dreamers find many lazy days to weave a tapestry of dreams. Since the young age of thirteen years old, Rebecca has been spinning gossamer webs of dreams and passion enjoyed internationally. Rebecca's work is published in various Anthologies throughout the world and in individual collections of poetry such as the romantic Lamentations of The Caves, Echoes of the Caves (featuring a form of poetry created by Rebecca called Simpatia) and in the Fall 2007, A deep and painful poetic study of human relationships, An Arcadian Love Song. Rebecca is also quickly becoming well known for her research articles on Hispanic Culture which are currently used by many teaching facilities and media outlets to help bridge the gap in understanding Hispanic Culture. She is also finalizing a fantasy novel for young readers, which tells the tale of how a young girl became the first human to meet the fairy kingdom and releasing the magic of humanity into the world. Currently Rebecca serves as the NB Chair for the Canadian Federation of Poets as well as the Youth Director and editor of the anthology, The Poetry of Children.

Rebecca has successfully held various offices in business administration throughout her career. Traditionally trained in the field of Interior Designing and Business Administration, her experiences in work are wide and varied. Finally realizing her gift for nurturing made her a natural for teaching, Rebecca transformed her career into one of training and equipping others to succeed in the Business world by becoming a training manager. Through working with companies and independently, Rebecca has over 15 Years of Business Administration experience. Above all things she is always makes time for her greatest passion, writing.

Rebecca is a philanthropist at heart and in practice; she has headed many humanitarian campaigns as well as participated in supporting the work of others. She believes in putting action to words not only in her career but in her personal life as well. Her many interests in the philanthropic arena are ecology, humanitarian aid, education and the fight to preserve basic Human Rights. Her challenge to herself as well as her family has been to lead by example and to make changes when the opportunity arises. A good part of this has been achieved in the way she approaches daily life and from years that she has dedicated to various causes, sometimes on a full time basis.

As a public speaker and M.C., Rebecca has been privileged to participate in many events such as readings, signings, radio interviews and event hosting.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

My book Fire and Ice is wholly influenced by the beautiful people of NB and the deep sorrow and pain the women bear with a grace and strength that is rare. I am currently working on a novel about the relationships in New Brunswick much in the style of stream of consciousness writing, which is a female form of writing innovated by Virgina Woolf. I am also working on a book of poetry about the healing experience of being in nature written from a Maritime paradigm.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

Anything David Adams Richards because of his fearless approach to the pain of the human condition mixed with a reverence and respect for the working class and marginalized everyday man in society. He looks into the real world of the disenfranchised and redeems the everyday hero. His work is deep, soulful and poetic. His works touches deeply by opening a wound of ugliness and healing it with beauty and sacrifice in the context and background of that ugliness.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

The times when I sit and read to the everyday person and I can move them and they identify with the words of my poetry, especially when they felt before this moment that they neither understood poetry nor liked it. If my words can move a person emotionally, then I feel being a poet is a worthwhile endeavor and gives me a sense of purpose and meaning.

Literary Prizes

Canadian Federation of Poets, New Brunswick Chair and Youth Division Director of the Cormorant Reader - 2013
Poet Laureate of Blue Cottage in NS, Cormorant Reader - 2013
Poet of the Month - Canadian Federation of Poets - 2007
Editor's Choice - - 2006-07
Most Original Poet - - 2003
Most Prolific Poet - - 2002
Most Promising New Poet - World Famous Poet Society - 2001

Featured Publication

Lamentations of the Caves

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