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Jacques  Patrice  Ouellet
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I was born in Van Buren in the State of Maine on April 25, 1953. However, I grew up in Edmundston, here in New Brunswick. I attended elementary school at École Mgr Conway and high school at École Cormier (1971). I completed the first year of a Bachelor of Arts at Collège Saint-Louis and two years in Health Sciences at the same institution. In 1974, I attended Ryerson University in Toronto where I graduated in 1976 with a Public Health degree. In May 1976, newly married, I moved to Tracadie-Sheila in New Brunswick with my wife Suzanne (nurse) where I worked for 38 years as a public health inspector for the Department of Health. Now (2013), I am retired and totally immersed in writing and publishing (La Grande Marée ltée since 1993).

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

The geography of places, wide-open spaces, people, mountains, the sea and rivers, family, all that and even more, especially history, have influenced my writing. These same influences inspire me every time I sit down at my keyboard in front of my computer screen to begin a new novel or finish another one. In fact, all four novels, the two children’s stories, the two short stories, and the poetry that were published were influenced by the environment in which I Iive on a daily basis. Other influences I must point out are the reading and research I do before and while writing a story, a novel, or a short story.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

Le feu du mauvais temps by Acadian author Claude LeBouthillier. Since I know the author personally, I am amazed at the research and history that he included on the pages of his novel, which earned him several literary awards.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

I wear two hats, that of an author first and publisher second. The highlight of my career as an author is to have won the Prix France-Acadie in Paris in 2001 for my third novel La revanche du pékan. As for my second career, that of publisher, the highlight is to have celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of our company, Les éditions La Grande Marée ltée, in 2013. Furthermore, I am especially proud as a publisher that we reached the milestone of 100 publications in 2012, which is a very significant achievement, especially in Acadian New Brunswick.

Literary Prizes

Prix France-Acadie - 2011 In recognition of: La revanche du pékan
Nomination -  Hackmatack Award - 2011 In recognition of: Le crâne mystérieux
Nomination -  Prix Tamarack - 2011 In recognition of: Le crâne mystérieux
Nomination -  Prix France-Acadie - 1996 In recognition of: À l'ombre du cabestan
Nomination -  Prix France-Acadie - 1995 In recognition of: Le trappeur
Nomination -  Prix France-Acadie - 1994 In recognition of: Ippon

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Le monstre de l'île Miscou

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