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Isidore  Dugas
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I completed my studies at Collège Ste-Anne de Beaupré in Québec and l’Université Sacré Cœur de Bathurst.

I worked for the daily newspaper, L’Évangeline, for five years.

I had a long career in the field of life insurance and financial services (La Métropolitaine Assurance-vie).


    • Financial Services Counselor
    • Life member of the Table ronde des millionnaires
    • Member of the Temple de la Renommée de la Métropolitain (there are only six in Canada).
    • Recipient of the Certificat National de Compétence for twenty-four years in a row

    How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

    I’ve observed that the people of New Brunswick do not have a very good concept of economics, due to a lack of understanding of finance and a bad attitude towards money. This book is a beginner’s guide to economics and better financial planning.

    The goal of my two other books is to inspire people to adopt a positive attitude and more self-confidence. Success is within reach of many people if they have faith and confidence in themselves.

    What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

    Books by ex-Premiers Louis Robichaud and Richard Hatfield because they were able to sell their ideas and to make New Brunswick a better province.

    What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

    The highlight of my career has been reaching out to help people who value my approach and helping them find solutions to their financial problems so that they gain a sense of security for themselves and their families.

    Featured Publication

    Toi et l'argent : ce n'est pas quand le sac est vide qu'il faut économiser, c’est lorsqu'il est plein.

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