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Born in Allardville, New Brunswick, Réjean Roy studied at the Université de Moncton in information-communication, literature and public administration.

Réjean Roy’s career as a journalist and author started with writing for several of the province’s newspapers. Between 1985 and 1992, Roy produced more than 400 newspaper articles (arts reviews, scientific articles and news articles) in various print media in the province.

In 1988, he self-published his first novel, Le crépuscule de l’amour. In 1989, he wrote another novel, Le cri d’une poussière, published by Éditions Quatre Saisons in Edmundston. Then, in October 1990, he published his third work, Périr par le sexe, a documentary novel on AIDS. In 1993, he published his first collection of poems, called Les ombres de minuit, at Éditions du Grand-Pré in Nova Scotia, and a second collection, called La valse nocturne, at Éditions de la Grande Marée, in 1994.

Between 1994 and 1996, he published numerous titles, including Le bateau fantôme de la baie des Chaleurs, Échos péninsulaires and Échos péninsulaires II, all published at Éditions de la Grande Marée. He published the following collections at Éditions de l’étoile de mer: Histoires de bateau fantôme (a collection of children’s stories), …mais amour (a collection of texts on love), Noël en mille mots (a collection of Christmas stories) and Lester Lebreton, le guerrier solitaire (a testimony and portrait of an artist). Lastly, at Éditions Bert Ltée in Petit-Rocher, he published a bilingual children’s book called Le bateau fantôme de la baie des Chaleurs / The Phantom Ship of the Chaleur Bay.

In 2007, Réjean Roy, an Acadian author living in Montreal, broke new ground with a collection of audio books published by Éditions de l’étoile de mer. Nine titles are featured: Il s’en est allé, poetry; Le cri d’une poussière, poetry; Les ombres de minuit, poetry; La valse nocturne, poetry; Le bateau fantôme, song and story; Le tombeau des mal-aimés, short stories; Le Noël des petits voyous, story; and L’intolérance dormeuse, short story.

In 2009, he published Amère liberté, a novel about epilepsy, at Éditions de l’étoile de mer, in addition to acting as literary editor for Sortir de l’ombre, a collection of short stories about coming out of the closet, published by L’arc-en-ciel littéraire.

In 2010, he served as a literary editor, in addition to writing texts for Les voisins d’à côté, a collection of short stories; Délice interdit, a collection of erotic short stories; Pulsions érotiques, a collection of poetry, all published by L’arc-en-ciel littéraire.

He has also worked as literary editor for Éditions de la Grande Marée and Éditions de l’étoile de mer, in addition to managing about 20 publishing projects on behalf of various authors or organizations.

A former member of the board of directors of the New Brunswick Arts Board and the executive committee of the Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick (AAAPNB), Réjean Roy has received literary awards and nominations. For years, he sat on various boards of directors for numerous cultural, artistic and community organizations, until his exile to Quebec in 1997, where he was able to find the peace of mind needed to complete his many writing projects. His passion for writing led him to become a regular contributor to where he has published no less than 350 reviews on a variety of topics.

Réjean Roy has been a regular member of the Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois (UNEQ), the Société littéraire de Laval and the AAAPNB for a number of years. He is also the founding president of L’arc-en-ciel littéraire.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

Many of my stories take place in N.B.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

My interview with Christiane Charrette on Radio-Canada, heard by over 600,000 listeners.

Literary Prizes

2nd Prize, Festival Altern’art de Québec (Poetry) - 2009
Honourable mention, Prix France-Acadie - 1996 In recognition of: Échos péninsulaires II
Concours littéraire Dr. René J. Fournier, Association d’écriture Trois-Frontières - 1995 In recognition of: Les ombres de minuit
Nomination -  Excellence award in literature, New Brunswick Arts Board - 1995
Nomination -  Prix France-Acadie - 1995 In recognition of: Échos péninsulaires
Third runner-up, Concours littéraire Dr. René J. Fournier, Association d’écriture Trois-Frontières - 1992 In recognition of: Le cri d’une poussière
First runner-up, Concours littéraire Dr. René J. Fournier, Association d’écriture Trois-Frontières - 1992 In recognition of: Périr par le sexe
New Brunswick Arts Board Creation Grants - 1991
Honourable mention, Salon du livre d’Edmundston poetry contest, “ecology” category - 1991 In recognition of: Portrait d’un monde moderne
Nomination -  New Brunswick Human Rights Award - 1991 In recognition of: Périr par le sexe

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Amère liberté

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