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Kris  Jamison
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Ontario-born Kris Jamison has lived in New Brunswick since the mid-nineties and currently makes her home in Sackville, with frequent excursions to the vicinity of Gagetown. She has been writing for slightly fewer years than she has been reading.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

This particular book is about someone who grew up in NB and ended up in Ontario, the opposite of my own life's pattern. Given that it's a book, in part, about a gardener, the natural landscape features quite strongly, particularly in the experiences of Lindsey, who grew up near the St. John River and whose mother now lives in Gagetown. There's a road trip from Kingston back to Gagetown that's somewhat influenced by a childhood spent driving back and forth in summers, though the infamous wrong turn is something that happened, not quite so dramatically, to me as an adult. Although it's in many ways a book about Kingston -- that landscape functions almost as a character in itself -- it's woven through with a New Brunswick thread.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

Douglas Lochhead's Love on the Marsh and Looking into Trees, both poetry, are books that have a strong sense of place that I quite enjoy.

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