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Murielle  Duguay
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Murielle Duguay is from Lamèque Island. She attended high school in Lamèque and received her master’s degree in education from the Université de Moncton after beginning her university studies at the Shippagan campus. She worked as a teacher in New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula. Over the years, she has published poems in the Éloizes review; a children’s story, Yano et les soldats aux épées magiques (1984); a short story in the anthology Concerto pour huit voix (1989); and a short story collection, Situation trompeuse (2010). She has also published three other novels: Jade, la soif du bonheur (2012), La tourmente du pêcheur (2020) and La ville l’a piégée (2022), which was shortlisted for the Prix France-Acadie. A slam poet in her spare time, she has performed at a number of festivals, including the Festival International de Slam/Poésie en Acadie.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

I have always lived in New Brunswick. Though I have travelled to many countries, the nature that shaped my childhood has always been where my heart is. My imagination is inspired by my experiences and the people and scenery around me. If my characters move away from Lamèque Island, they come back to recharge their batteries, because the island offers calm and the sea offers its gentle, yet all too often angry, waves. I want to showcase my part of the country, so it is not forgotten in this vast world.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

I remember reading Raconte-moi Massabielle by Jacques Savoie. It is a story that makes you think about the issues of the time in relation to those that came after and that are reoccurring today. My choice, however, is Les portes tournantes by the same Acadian author. We see his characters intertwine, evolve, and eventually reach a turning point in their lives. I must say, though, that I was gripped by the story and captivated by the author’s skill in both of these novels.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

When a publisher agrees to publish my manuscript, I feel like I can breathe deeply. When I hold the book in my hands, I know it is physically ready for the public. If my book moves a reader, brings back a memory or provides a moment of escape, I feel it has done what it was meant to do.

Literary Prizes

Nomination - Prix France-Acadie - 2022 In recognition of: La ville l'a piégée

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La ville l'a piégée

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