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Cloey  VL  Kinney
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I grew up in Florenceville-Bristol, whose legacy included French fries and potholes. A week after graduating from Carleton North High School, I enrolled in film school. I quickly found myself a published author at age 17, when I began my first fantasy series The King's Guard.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

Career specific, at my first book signing, a little girl came up to me asked what it was about. I explained the plot and watched as her eyes got bigger and bigger until suddenly, she exclaimed she loved it, and insisted she pay for it not her mom. The excitement on her face is something that'll stick with me forever.

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Pearl of Meissa

Althea Silverstream is far from home when threats of war break out. Busy pursuing a betrothal, a prince whose eyes are the brightest thing about him quickly and reluctantly becomes one of her only allies in a race for a mythical weapon. It's the only thing that can end a war as quickly as it began. It's only suiting that they should venture to Meissa, an island brimmed with monsters whose presence will end Althea's life.

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