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Donna  Allard
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International Beat Poet Laureate. Richibucto High and Fredericton High.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

It is my main inspiration.

What is your favourite New Brunswick book, and why?

Any book by David Fraser. Read and see why.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

Being able to represent Canada and NB as an International Beat Poet Laureate. So humbling and exciting at the same time.

Literary Prizes

International Beat Poet Laureate - 2019/2020
Canadian Poetry Association Poetry Competition - 2006 In recognition of: War Musket Grasses
3rd Place, World Poetry - Pablo Neruda 101st Celebration (Vancouver Public Library) - 2005 In recognition of: Pablo is an Island

Featured Publication

From Shore to Shoormal: Poems in English, French & Shetland Dialect = D'un rivage à l'autre : poèmes en miroirs - anglais, français - dialecte shetlandais

Whilst Donna Allard writes on the coastal fringe in New Brunswick, Canada, Nat Hall walks and writes by her shoormal, somewhere on the 60th parallel in her windswept Shetland Islands, Scotland’s most northerly archipelago. “Shore”, as described by J. L. Leprohon in her Sea Shore Musings poem, is the Creator’s power—in her own Canadian home, “Mysterious, moaning main,/ in dreams, I’ll see thy snow-white foam”. It’s described by Chile’s bard Pablo Neruda in No me hagan caso / Forget about Me, as a place where the sea washes, throws up crab claws and skulls of many kinds …

“Shoormal”, as defined by Robert Alan Jamieson in his Shoormal, A Sequence of Movements (Polygon, 1986): “In Shetland, da shoormal is the shallows on a beach; the space between the tides where the moon weighs the density of the ocean …” that area where sand shifts.

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