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Jocelyne  Bossé Beaulieu
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Jocelyne Bossé Beaulieu is originally from Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick. From a very young age, she always knew that she would leave her mark one day. She attended elementary and high school in Saint-Quentin. At age 35, she went to study nursing at the Collège Communautaire in Campbellton, and worked as a registered nursing assistant for nearly 10 years.

She has authored 11 books – unpublished to date – including L'Essence des êtres, Le lion vagabond, Un jour à la fois, Souvenirs d'hier à aujourd'hui, four family genealogy books about the Bossé, Beaulieu, Dubé and Carrier families (which she updates diligently), a book on spirituality (Deux mondes, un seul Univers) as well as her first collection of poetry (Au jardin des mots) which she donated to two libraries (one in the town where she was born and the other in the village where she lives).

During her childhood, her father often took his children into the forest for family activities. As she grew up, nature became a wellspring of creativity and a source of well-being from which she would draw, and still draws, new energy in order to continue following her path in life with a lighter heart.

Forced into early retirement following an automobile accident in April 2001 that affected her physical health, her formerly busy schedule gave way to very empty days. Faced with her loss, she had to learn to live with and accept fragile health and the fact that her working career, which she had loved passionately, had abruptly ended, and that she had to find an activity to fill the void. Because she had always liked writing from a very young age, she started to write. Thus began a great adventure into the unknown world of poetry. Between 1970 and 2019, she made an arduous journey along the steep paths of lyric poetry to produce an array of writing in a variety of poetic styles.

A nature lover, she finds her inspiration in a river, in a cloudy or starry sky, and in the mountains overlooking the Restigouche River, or in a green meadow, the perfume of a flower, a sunset or in dreams, or simply by giving free rein to her imagination. She finds that everything in life is poetry; we just have to know how to look at life with our hearts and listen to life with our eyes.

Her writings are both dreamlike and romantic; they speak from the soul and are interspersed with bursts of conscience and intuition. Thus, beauty and ugliness, joy and sadness, the good and the bad are extremes that create passion in her poetry. Regardless of the lyrical style used, her poetry intoxicates in the same way that music does by playing with tones and silences.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

The town where I was born and the village where I live, Kedgwick, where my husband is from, are two wonderful areas that are full of idyllic beauty and a thousand and one magnificent landscapes to admire and contemplate, and where you cannot help but feel that you are communing with nature, which is the focal point of my writing.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

I write for the pleasure of writing, while hoping that some of my writing will endure as a small legacy to my readers. Perhaps one day, my dream of having some of my books published and seeing them on sale in bookstores will come true.

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