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Donald  J.  Savoie
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Donald J. Savoie was born in Saint Maurice and attended local schools, including Le Collège de l’Assomption, where he completed high school. He attended the Université de Moncton, the University of New Brunswick and Oxford. His research achievements are prodigious and his influence on Canadian public policy and Canadian society has been evident for years. His work has won prizes in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has been awarded several honorary doctorates, elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1993. He was elected President of the Canadian Association of Political Science and, at the request of the Canadian Prime Minister, wrote the report that led to the establishment of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

How has New Brunswick influenced your work?

It is not possible to divorce one’s roots from one’s work. This is true for everyone, but especially for an Acadian. I was both shaped and motivated by my New Brunswick roots. They define how I relate to society, to Canada and to my work.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

Being Visiting Fellow at All Souls College in Oxford.

Literary Prizes

Nomination -  The Donner Prize - 2006 In recognition of: Visiting grandchildren : economic development in the Maritimes
Sun Life Public Service Citation Award - 2004
Trudeau Fellowship - 2004
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal - 2002
Nomination -  The Donner Prize - 2001 In recognition of: Pulling Against Gravity : Economic Development in New Brunswick
Nomination -  The Donner Prize - 2000 In recognition of: Governing from the Centre : the Concentration of Power in Canadian Politics
Public Policy Forum at its Twelfth Annual Testimonial Awards - 1999
Vanier Medal of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) - 1999
William E. Mosher and Frederick C. Mosher Award, The American Society for Public Administration Review (ASPA) - 1994
Donald Smiley Prize, Canadian Association of Political Science - 1992 In recognition of: The Politics of Public Spending in Canada

Featured Publication

I'm from Bouctouche, Me

In the 1950s most of Acadian society was poor, uneducated, isolated, and dominated by the Roman Catholic clergy. In the following decade two individuals, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and New Brunswick’s first elected Acadian premier, Louis J. Robichaud, pointed the way for Acadians like Savoie to make important contributions to Canada’s development. Trudeau’s objective was Canadian unity and he turned to Acadie to show Quebec that there was a viable French Canadian presence outside their borders. Robichaud had witnessed Acadian poverty first hand and made it his mission to bring New Brunswick into the modern era. Savoie shows how their efforts led to fundamental change for both Canada and New Brunswick and changed his life.”

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