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Brian Gallant
Hon. Brian Gallant
President of the Executive Council
Attorney General
Minister responsible for the Education and New Economy Fund
Minister responsible for Innovation
Minister responsible for the Premier’s Council on Disabilities
Minister responsible for Women's Equality
Regional minister for Saint John and southwestern New Brunswick

Brian Gallant understands New Brunswick and the hopes and concerns of New Brunswick families.

His father is an Acadian and the youngest of 7 children. His mother is a Scholten, one of 17 children born to Dutch immigrants. His parents Pierre and Marilyn worked hard for everything they got. His parents had instilled in him the importance of work and education. That’s why he ran two small businesses while studying in order to pay for his tuition. He went on to receive a Bachelor in Business Administration and his Law degree from the Université de Moncton. He then received a Masters in Law degree from McGill University. He worked in the private practice of law until being elected leader of the Liberal Party in 2012.

Since that time he has since been working hard on New Brunswick’s priorities of jobs, education, and health care. He has worked to right the finances of the government, starting with cuts to his own salary and the salaries of his cabinet, and ensuring that public money is directed towards New Brunswick’s priorities. His government has reinvested in public infrastructure, put in place a Youth Employment Fund, and with the creation of Opportunities New Brunswick, helped bring more employers to the province or expand their operations. More recently his government introduced the outline for an economic growth strategy to ensure the long-term sustainability of our communities.

Mr. Gallant was sworn in as Premier of New Brunswick on October 7, 2014. He is also President of the Executive Council, Chairman of the New Brunswick Jobs Board, and Minister responsible for Innovation, Women’s Equality and Rural Affairs. He represents the riding of Shediac Bay-Dieppe.
Last updated : 5/11/2018
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