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Text   Companies receive Innovation Recognition Awards
textOctober 20, 2009 - Bathurst
textBusiness New Brunswick
Fifteen New Brunswick companies were honoured last night for creating and adopting innovative practices in the workplace. Premier Shawn Graham and Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau were in Bathurst to announce the 2009 Innovation Recognition Award recipients.   Front row, from left: Bruce Gorham, Atlantic Nuclear Services Inc.; John Leonard, Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corp.; Paul Cunningham, Energy Systems and Designs Ltd.; Graham; Boudreau; Monique Roussel, La Bergerie aux 4 Vents; Martin Richard, Prima Innovations Inc. (Navigloo); and Trish Connelly, Advanced Publishing Corporation. Back row, from left: Donald Shaddick, ShadComm Ltd;, Gus Hargrove, Canadian Organic Maple Co.; Armand Landry, A. Landry Fabrication ltee; Michel St-Amand, Confection 4e Dimension ltee.; Andrew Ludwig, Sticks and Stones Fabricating Inc.; Jeff Dixon, Spongy Wonder Inc.; Jacques Guitard, IC Agency Canada Inc.; Robert Bourgeois, Verger Belliveau Orchard Ltd.; and Amédée Savoie, La Maison Beausoleil Inc.
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