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Text   N.B. and Romania celebrate International Francophonie Day together
textMarch 20, 2008 - Province
textIntergovernmental Affairs
textLa Francophonie
Many events were held throughout the province on March 20 in celebration of International Francophonie Day. To familiarize residents with the member countries of the OIF, the Government of New Brunswick invited Romania to be a partner country to share in its celebrations.   Pictured, the Romanian student delegation and chaperones from the Cité des Jeunes A.M.-Sormany in Edmundston. Front, from left: Daria Dumitrache, Mariana Vlad, Remus Dovincescu, Robert Terciu, Mira Deschênes et André Godin. Back, from left: Mircea Roman, Gabriela Hurghis, Léo-Paul Charest, Rino Castonguay, Lucille Blanchard and Brigitte Sirois.
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