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Directory of Public Bodies Right to Information and Protection of Privacy
Ideally, all requests made under RTIPPA should be addressed to the relevant Coordinator. If the name of the Coordinator is not known, please add Attn: Right to Information and Protection Privacy to your request. This will help allow for a faster response.
Departments and Agencies (including Secretariats and Offices)
Government Bodies
Boards, Commissions and Corporations
Schedule A
Local Public Bodies
    - Schools, School Districts and District Education Councils(DECs)
    - Universities
    - Community Colleges
Health Care
    - Regional Health Authorities
    - Other Health Care Bodies
Local Government
    - Municipalities (Cities, Towns, Villages)
    - Local Service Districts (LSDs)
    - Rural Communities
    - Regional Service Commissions
    - Watershed and Wastewater/Sewerage Commissions
    - Municipal Police Forces
Service New Brunswick
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