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Information requests directed to schools and District Education Councils (DECs) should be addressed to the appropriate school district.

Anglophone School District East
1077  St. George  Blvd., Suite 200 
Moncton, NB   E1E 4C9

Co-ordinator: Todd Silliphant
Phone: (506) 856-3222
Fax: (506) 856-3224
Anglophone School District North
78  Henderson  Street 
Miramichi, NB   E1N 2R7

Co-ordinator: Craig Caldwell
Phone: (506) 547-7243
Fax: (506) 549-5855
Anglophone School District South
490  Woodward  Avenue 
Saint John, NB   E2K 5N3

Co-ordinator: Natalie Worth
Phone: (506) 658-5300
Anglophone School District West
1135  Prospect  Street 
Fredericton, NB   E3B 4Y4

Co-ordinator: Shawn Tracey
Phone: (506) 325-4744
District scolaire francophone nord-est
100-915  Sainte-Anne  Street 
Bathurst, N.-B.   E2A 6X1

Co-ordinator: Carole Raymond
Phone: (506) 549-5598
District scolaire francophone nord-ouest
298  Martin  Street 
Edmundston, N.-B.   E3V 5E5

Co-ordinator: Yvan Guérette
Phone: (506) 737-4567
Co-ordinator: Johane Thériault-Girard
District scolaire francophone sud
425  Champlain  Street 
Dieppe, N.-B.   E1A 1P2

Co-ordinator: Jessica Foran
Phone: (506) 856-3959
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