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School District: Anglophone East

Anglophone East
Subdistrict# Positions to fill# CandidatesStatus
Subdistrict 112(Election)
Subdistrict 212(Election)
Subdistrict 311(No Election)
Subdistrict 411(No Election)
Subdistrict 510(No Election)
Subdistrict 611(No Election)
Subdistrict 711(No Election)
Subdistrict 811(No Election)
Subdistrict 911(No Election)


Anglophone East
NameSexContact Information
Subdistrict 1  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Jake SimonMAddress for service: 46 ch Scotch Settlement Rd, Irishtown, NB
Telephone: 506-227-8683
Dominic S. VautourMAddress for service: 1914 Route 535 , Cocagne, NB
Telephone: 506-862-8806
Subdistrict 2  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Michelle Folkins
FAddress for service: 4490 Route 106 , Upper Dorchester, NB
Brian NeilsonMAddress for service: 25 Harris Dr , Sackville, NB
Subdistrict 3  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Ian D. R. Hebblethwaite
MAddress for service: 2390 Route 132 , Greater Lakeburn, NB
Subdistrict 4  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Rachel Pletz
FAddress for service: 43 av Rosedale Ave, Moncton, NB
Telephone: 506-871-0050
Subdistrict 5  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
no candidate/aucun(e) candidat(e)
Subdistrict 6  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Mark Owen
MAddress for service: 93 tsse Augusta Terr, Moncton, NB
Telephone: 506-389-2185
Subdistrict 7  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Duane MacDonald
MAddress for service: 73 Berkley Dr , Riverview, NB
Telephone: 506-853-8089
Subdistrict 8  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Harry T. Doyle
MAddress for service: 1185 Route 114 , Lower Coverdale, NB
Telephone: 506-387-7086
Subdistrict 9  (1 to elect / 1 à élire)
Alex Morton
MAddress for service: 30 ch Cody Rd, Boundary Creek, NB
Telephone: 506-380-2999