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Editorial Policy

The Heritage On-line Newsletter is a blog service of Heritage Branch in New Brunswick’s department of Wellness, Culture & Sport. This informal electronic newsletter will provide the public with updates on resources available for teaching New Brunswick and Canadian history from grades K to12. Members of the electronic mailing list are invited to submit information for inclusion in each seasonal edition. In this way we hope to create a community of people involved in using the Internet to teach New Brunswick history.

The Heritage On-line Newsletter provides practicing professionals and others in the field an opportunity to report on non-profit activities, resources and programs available to educators, students and the general public within New Brunswick.

The newsletter's contents reflect the considerable diversity of approaches to the definition and practice of public history as it relates to education:

  • Public Policy and Policy Analysis
  • Museums and Historic Sites Administration
  • Corporate Biography and Information Services
  • Cultural Resources Management
  • National, Provincial and Local History
  • Planning
  • Oral History
  • Historical Editing, Publishing, and Media
  • Archival, Manuscript, and Records Management
  • Historic Preservation

In its editorial process, The Heritage On-line Newsletter assesses submissions according to relevance within New Brunswick’s current social studies curriculum. The newsletter is also open to reviews and/or announcements of books, films and videos, digital and electronic media productions, exhibits, performances, and archival and manuscript collections that support the teaching of New Brunswick history.

We welcome comments that expand the discussion of topics covered in the newsletter. If a comment specifically concerns a notice or review published in the newsletter, the author or reviewer will be invited to respond. The editors reserve the right to refuse to publish any comment whose tone or content is inconsistent with the conventional standards of scholarly discourse expected in a professional newsletter.