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Senior Executive Travel and Other Expenses

In an effort to improve transparency, accountability and enhance the proactive disclosure of information, the Government of New Brunswick is making available, through routine disclosure, information on expenses claimed by ministers and senior executives and some officers of the Legislative Assembly.

Expenses are defined as costs incurred and allowances provided to the individual and paid by the Department on an expense claim.  They do not include constituency office expenses for MLA’s which are covered by the Legislative Assembly.

The types of expenses included in these reports are:

  • living expenses (ministers only)
  • transportation  (eg. rental vehicles and air travel)
  • accommodations and meals (eg. hotel and private arrangements)
  • other expenses (eg. business meetings and incidental travel expenses)

Information will be reported in the Department where it was incurred.  For example if ministers changed portfolios during the year, the report for the Department will include expenses for both the current and the previous minister.

Department: Aboriginal Affairs
Minister Hon. Jake Stewart
Executive/Department/Regional Assistant Shawn Morrison
Deputy Minister Judy Wagner

As of November 2019, the Acting Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Cade Libby, is also the Acting President of the Regional Development Corporation. Expenses for the Deputy Minister can be found «here» .

From January 2018 to March 2019, the Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Hélène Bouchard, was also the Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. Expenses for the Deputy Minister can be found «here» .

From September 2017 to November 2018, the Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, Hon. Roger Melanson, was also the President of Treasury Board. Expenses for the Minister for this period can be found « here ».
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