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Senior Executive Travel and Other Expenses
Marcel Lavoie - Deputy Minister - Education and Early Childhood Development
T5708254 Meeting with the Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du N.-B. in Moncton
In Province Travel Date Amount Justification Days
Incidental expense in NB 25/06/2020 $5.00 One night at the Crowne Plaza 1
Lodging in NB 25/06/2020 $178.54 Evening meeting with the AAAPNB 1
Meals in NB (Deputy) 25/06/2020 $195.95 Dinner meeting with the AAAPNB (3 people) 1
Taxi in NB 25/06/2020 $11.00 Travel from the hotel to the restaurant for the meeting with the AAAPNB 1
Breakfast in NB 26/06/2020 $7.50 Depart Moncton at 6:00 to get to the office before 8:00 1
Total In Province Travel $397.99  
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