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Koluskap and the Giant Beaver

KoluskapIn times long ago, beavers were huge animals that Wabanuwok feared. One beaver lived in a great lodge on an island in a smaller river joining the Wolastoq. Where the mouth of the Wolastoq foamed into rapids, the beaver decided to build a dam.

The people of the Wolastoq watched angrily as their beautiful camping grounds farther up the river valley were gradually flooded. Soon the grounds would disappear under the water, then the whole country. They took their protests to Koluskap, who saw that this must not happen to his people. With one blow of his mighty club, he smashed the dam, and the river rushed out once again to the bay. The water carried a piece of the dam along with it right past the shore, where it finally came to rest as an island.

BeaverOther results came from that tremendous blow. Some of the flood water farther up above the rapids did not drain out, but remained as broad and shining lakes for ever after. Also, the force of the blow broke off a piece of split rock beside the rapids.


But best of all, Koluskap, determined that beavers should never again have the power to endanger his people's lives, made the beavers for ever after animals of small size.

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