New Brunswick Public Libraries

Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library
395 Main St., Unit 1
Hartland, N.B.
E7P 2N3
Tel:  (506) 375-4876
Fax: (506) 375-8617
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Opening Hours

Tuesday: 10:00  a.m. - 12:30  p.m.
&  1:30  p.m. - 5:00  p.m.
Wednesday: 10:00  a.m. - 12:30  p.m.
&  1:30  p.m. - 5:00  p.m.
Thursday: 1:00  p.m. - 5:00  p.m.
&  6:00  p.m. - 8:00  p.m.
Friday: 10:00  a.m. - 12:30  p.m.
&  1:30  p.m. - 5:00  p.m.
Saturday: 10:00  a.m. - 12:30  p.m.
&  1:30  p.m. - 5:00  p.m.


Library Manager - Marsha MacDonald-Nason


One parking space available for persons with severe mobility problems. The library is wheelchair accessible.

About the Library:

Get your choice of the best books, magazines, newspapers, CDs or DVDs. We’ve got something for all ages! Search our collection thanks to our provincial catalogue. Find answers to your questions with the latest information.

We will help you with research for a special project; retrieve reliable health information and more. Start now, ask a question, check out our online Databases or browse our Recommended Websites.

Ask for what you want to read. Just because something isn’t on your local library’s shelves doesn’t mean you can’t read it! Stop by, place a hold in our online catalogue, or give us a call to request an item and we’ll deliver it to the most convenient library for you.

Drop in... you’ll feel right at home!

Library Highlights:

  • The Dr. Walter Chestnut Library is a unique place to visit. Built in 1912 as a federal post office, it still has its historical features; dome shaped windows and a beautiful staircase. The view from the upper level is worth the climb since you can view both bridges from this area.
  • All three levels have been renovated for use in today's library, as well as the clock tower that chimes the hour and occasionally, music. Two floors feature an adult and children's library while a third level boasts an art gallery and historical room.

Our special collections:

  • The historical room holds an excellent collection of historical and genealogical materials.

Accessible Collections & Services


In New Brunswick, public libraries exist as part of a partnership between the provincial government and participating municipalities or associations of persons. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the:

We would also like to acknowledge donations made by local community organizations and businesses. We thank you for your support.