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Firms and Individuals
(including Categories of Registration)
Last Updated : 11/30/2015 9: 04 AM
A firm or individual with *** indicates that there may be current terms and conditions attached to their registration.  If current terms and conditions are in place, you may view them by conducting a search at National Registration Search.
Individual Name
Individual Category
ADELSON, ERIC JEFFREY   Director (Permitted Individuals)
ADELSON, ERIC JEFFREY   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
BLACKBURN, Mark David   Advising Representative (Portfolio Manager)
Chong, Annie Ping  Ting Officer (Permitted Individuals)
Curbo, Paul Steven   Advising Representative (Portfolio Manager)
DAMANI, HARSH    Officer (Permitted Individuals)
De Sousa, Florbela Coimbra   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
Di Massimo, Giuseppe    Dealing Representative (Exempt Market Dealer)
Genova, David Moore   Director (Permitted Individuals)
Intraligi, Peter    Director (Permitted Individuals)
Intraligi, Peter    Officer (Permitted Individuals)
Intraligi, Peter    Ultimate Designated Person (Ultimate Designated Person)
Kingston, James Douglas   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
Lahodny, Calise Danelle   *** Dealing Representative (Exempt Market Dealer)
Lamborn, Colin Alexander   Dealing Representative (Exempt Market Dealer)
Maniatis, John Demetrios   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
MIKALACHKI, ROBERT BRETT   Advising Representative (Portfolio Manager)
Nalli, Daniela Jurisic   Chief Compliance Officer (Exempt Market Dealer)
Nalli, Daniela Jurisic   Chief Compliance Officer (Portfolio Manager)
Paquet, Anik    Dealing Representative (Exempt Market Dealer)
Peck, Michael Henry   Associate Advising Representative (Portfolio Manager)
Peck, Michael Henry   Dealing Representative (Exempt Market Dealer)
Peck, Michael Henry   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
Russell, James Charles   Dealing Representative (Exempt Market Dealer)
Russell, James Charles   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
TAYLOR, PHILIP ALEXANDER   Director (Permitted Individuals)
TAYLOR, PHILIP ALEXANDER   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
WARREN, DAVID COLVIN   Director (Permitted Individuals)
WARREN, DAVID COLVIN   Officer (Permitted Individuals)
New Brunswick Securities Commission