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Hon. Shawn Graham
President of the Executive Council
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Minister responsible for the Premier's Council on the Status of Disabled Persons
Minister responsible for the Office of Self-Sufficiency

On Sept. 18, 2006, Shawn Graham was elected New Brunswick’s 31st premier.

Graham has served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick since his October 1998 byelection victory in the riding of Kent. He was re-elected in the general elections of June 7, 1999, and June 9, 2003.

As the Liberal Party began the process of selecting a new leader in 2002, Graham’s energy, commitment and fresh vision for New Brunswick caught the public’s attention. On May 12, 2002, he won a landslide victory to become the leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick. He captured national attention on June 9, 2003, when he and his Liberal team increased the Liberal seat count to 26 from seven of the 55 seats in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick. Under his leadership, the party has increased its standing in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick to 33 seats today from 29 seats following the 2006 provincial election.

With Graham as premier, his Charter for Change has set out the foundation for a better New Brunswick. Graham’s vision for the province is as straightforward as it is challenging. He wants New Brunswick to join the ranks of the "have" provinces by 2026.

He is committed to putting New Brunswick on the road to self-sufficiency by turning New Brunswick into a leader in energy conservation and generation, by building the best education system in the country and by making job creation a priority.

The first two-and-one-half years of his government’s mandate were marked by sweeping transformation in education, post-secondary education, health care and taxation. In March 2009, his government unveiled the comprehensive Plan for a Stronger Economy to address the current economic crisis. The main components of the plan are a four-year strategy to return to balanced budgets; $1.2 billion for infrastructure and support for businesses; an aggressive tax reduction package for individuals and businesses; investments in priorities, including health care and education; and responsible management of government expenditures.

In July 2007, Graham assumed the chair of the Council of the Federation, and in September 2009, he co-chaired the Northeastern Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers conference held in Saint John. Graham has led numerous trade missions in Canada and abroad, including a mission to Shanghai, China.

In May 2009, Graham was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from the University of New Brunswick from which he also holds a Bachelor of Physical Education Degree (1991). He is also a graduate of St. Thomas University having completed a Bachelor of Education Degree there in 1993.

Graham and his wife, Roxanne, both call the Capital City and the small community of Mundleville “home.”
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