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Hon. Hédard Albert
Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport
Minister responsible for la Francophonie

Hédard Albert was first elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in the June 9, 2003, provincial election as the Liberal member representing the electoral district of Caraquet.

He was re-elected to the 56th legislature in the Sept. 18, 2006, provincial election. He was minister of human resources from October 2006 to November 2008, at which time he was appointed minister of wellness, culture and sport. From February to May 2010, he accepted additional responsibilities as acting minister of tourism and parks.

As a member of the official Opposition during the 55th legislature, he was a member of the select committee on health care, and he was the critic for interests relating to intergovernmental affairs, official languages, and culture and sport.

He was born in Saint-Simon in the Acadian Peninsula. He received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in biology and a Bachelor of Education from the Université de Moncton.

Albert’s career spanned 34 years at the New Brunswick School of Fisheries in Caraquet, where he held various positions, including director. His long association with the fisheries and aquaculture sector played a role in building a major economic industry in the Acadian Peninsula and New Brunswick. Over the years, in addition to being responsible for training fishermen, plant workers, and aquaculturists, he was regional administrator at the Fisheries and Aquaculture office in Caraquet. Albert was also responsible for aquaculture research at the Shippagan Aquarium and Marine Centre as well as for the quality assurance, research in fishing techniques and methods, and selective fishing gear programs.

He was involved in various international development projects under CIDA and other organizations and institutions. He implemented partnerships with France, Mauritania, Senegal, Tunisia, Benin, Togo, Morocco and Haiti. He was eastern representative on a committee of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges which assessed international project proposals.

Albert is married to Ginette Blanchard, and they have a daughter, Stéphanie.
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