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Human Rabies

No human cases of rabies have ever been diagnosed in New Brunswick.

Animal Rabies

Raccoon Strain
  • Usually found in raccoons and skunks but can also cause disease in other mammals.
  • First detected in New Brunswick wildlife in 2000.
  • To date, a total of 64 animal cases have been diagnosed.
Bat Strains
  • Usually found in bats but can cause disease in other mammals, including humans.
  • Bat strains of rabies have been present in New Brunswick for many years.
  • Since 2000, a total of 7 animal cases have been diagnosed.

Animal Rabies in New Brunswick -2012

Please note this map includes both the raccoon and the bat strains of rabies.

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Table 1. Rabies Cases by Animal Species and Rabies Strain,
New Brunswick, 2012

 Animal Species   Raccoon Rabies 
 Bat Rabies 
 Total  0   0 

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